resized wedding set has blue zircon in place of diamonds
wedding ring set before changes
resized wedding set has blue zircon in place of diamonds

resized wedding ring set has blue stones in place of diamonds

i met her many years ago when I was doing insurance replacements. a friendship began and she introduced me to her delightful extended family. fast forward to recent days and an email from her husband – she had stopped wearing her wedding set because it no longer fit.

this was the second marriage for both, and he knew she loved everything i had done for her and for her daughter (engagement ring, wedding bands, various gifts). he told me their lovely back story. they had known each other and socialized while married to their original spouses.

he originally wanted to upgrade one or both of the rings, and so we made an appointment for all of us to meet. it was great to see her and to meet him. after listening and asking questions, i realized she so loves the man and he her that to change the wedding set was not either one’s style.

eventually the perfect solution occurred to me. let’s just size-to-fit and replace two diamonds in the wedding band with blue zircon (she loves blues). additionally, the two rings are made one; the solder at the base fuses them together.

by the way – the diamonds that were removed will be used for yet another project, so more to come!

location: Manchester, CT

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