his ring with no spinner while her ring still in tact
white gold spinner should sit in this empty channel
his and hers repaired spinner wedding ring
interior of spinner ring is engraved with wedding date
his ring with no spinner while her ring still in tact

spinner wedding bands repaired

Her husband’s spinner from his wedding band had gone missing! These bands were originally purchased in Turkey, 2006. Beautifully designed and constructed, his and hers matching spinner rings are 14k yellow and white gold. The white gold outer band spins around the yellow gold band inner band which is stable. Before the repair, the center track was visible, sadly empty.

Additionally, after 14 years of marriage, her ring also needed slight re-sizing as well as a re-polish/refinish. No problem – her spinner ring was heavy enough to anneal (heat) and stretch up slightly. The challenge was not to size up so much that the spinner stops spinning.

I first met her many years ago when I was doing jewelry insurance replacements/repairs. I think I replaced a diamond plus repaired the ring it came out of. Since then, she and her husband have moved to Georgia; they can both work remotely. She kept my name and phone number which is on the appraisal of the original repair.

To recreate the hubby’s ring spinner in white gold, a computer aided design (CAD) was made using her ring as the prototype. After the CAD was completed, a wax model was grown in a 3-D printer to use in creating the mold for casting the spinner. One begins the lost wax process with the positive space (the wax) to create the negative space (the mold) in which to cast, or pour, molten gold for the actual spinner. If this sounds like it takes a steady hand, it does. Once the metal has cooled, it is pulled from the mold and the filing, fitting and polishing is done. We were able to get it all done for their anniversary!

  • Two 14k yellow gold matching wedding bands each with a 14k white gold spinner.
  • Location: Danielsville, GA

I love being able to work for clients anywhere in the world

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