Wedding Jewelry

weddings are such important celebrations that it is no surprise that the event adds to the jewelry box. rings are traditionally needed for the bride and groom, of course, but other family and friends may want to commemorate this occasion in their own lives. jewelry can signal anticipation of a bright future. it may also allow us to remember and honor the past.  we make new custom jewelry and redesign family pieces into something sparkly and enduring – the process begins with a conversation.

below are examples of wedding rings, engagement rings, bridal party jewelry and even some pieces made as  wedding presents.

A Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring front view inverted

A Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring 

Engagement Ring Revisioning - Classic Solitaire and Stackable Sapphire front view

Engagement Ring Revisioning – Classic Solitaire and Stackable Sapphire

Platinum Engagement Ring Revisioning for Mom of Two showing the diamonds

Enhanced Comfort without Diminishing Style – Platinum Engagement Ring Revisioning for Mom of Two

Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond

Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

This stunning diamond and a very well-made ring originally designed by Silpada, a company no longer in existence, arrived at my doorstep and I was simply ecstatic to help this client transform these pieces in a meaningful way.

teal sapphire and diamond engagement ring (on finger)

teal sapphire engagement ring

He wanted enough diamonds to accent the center sapphire without drawing the eye away from it. Brownish-pink melee diamonds added that touch of sparkle.

diamond setting used for center of pendant made from ring

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)

Her gift to her great granddaughter was a pendant made from a wedding band. May the circle be unbroken.

Streamlined redesigned square peridot engagement ring

redesigned streamlined peridot engagement ring

Listening carefully, I made my suggestions to transform her cushion cut peridot engagement ring while retaining the original handwork.

kiss of yellow diamond engagement ring

‘kiss of yellow’ engagement ring

I believe the right stone will “talk “ to you. The smile on her face said it all. The Old Mine cut diamond with a hint of yellow was for her.

Diamond and sapphire wide-band "grown up" ring

a grown up ring (wedding set redesign)

At this point in her life, she wanted a more sophisticated redesigned ring. Her many stones set with several metals & varied stone mountings.

stunning ring has large center diamond, medium side diamonds, several french-set diamonds

one stunning ring from several rings of a past marriage

Wedding rings repurposed into one stunning platinum ring with many diamonds. What to do with jewelry after the marriage has ended – redesign it into something you will wear and love.

final engagement ring - diamond cluster customized smaller

vintage engagement ring modified for her hand

engagement ring redesigned from Nana Rose's wedding set

engagement ring redesigned from Nana Rose’s wedding set

he waited for their anniversary to surprise her. yes, they are already married but he asked her again! re-engagement ring made from nana’s wedding set

pearl bracelet with rose gold bead clasp

a classic wedding gift – pearl bracelet

she gave her daughter a wedding gift pearl bracelet. has rose gold ball clasp to match bride-to-be’s wedding set plus two full-cut diamonds for a little sparkle.

redesigned wedding set with heirlooms used

this wedding set is a marriage of family heirlooms

a tale of a wedding set. two families join heirlooms into one ring that is loved by the newly engaged couple.

rose gold wedding band with 17 full cut diamonds

wedding band for a rosy future

her biggest concern was that the wedding band rose gold match the metal of her engagement ring. not all rose gold is the same color – but it was perfect.

bypass design to create the feeling of the diamond being hugged by the band

hers & his wedding rings combined and redesigned

completed redesigned wedding set with many varied sized diamonds

sparkling wedding set redesigned to stand test of time

many diamonds with varied shapes, sizes & cuts make this ring sparkly. it looks delicate, but the wedding set is redesigned to stand test of time beautifully

engagement ring with diamond certification

engagement ring, she loves butterflies

After: repaired rings with matched baguette diamonds

Wedding set repair – straight cut diamond baguette match

She loves the wedding set “as is” so I found a match for the missing straight cut diamond baguettes , repaired the mountings, and shored everything up for continued years of wear/

repaired spinner wedding bands

spinner wedding bands repaired

The spinner from his wedding band was missing. We recreated the white gold spinner in time to celebrate their anniversary.

engagement ring and wedding bands (designed by Raimie Weber)

Engagement ring and wedding bands for a lovely couple

Platinum & 18k yellow gold engagement ring has certified brilliant cut diamond and tapered diamond baguettes. 18k yellow gold, barrel style wedding bands

white gold ring has side baguettes and center is a round brilliant cut diamond

repair one ring and combine two more

when someone says they have a bag of jewelry not being used – something is going to happen!

altered wedding set has blue zircon in place of diamonds

resized wedding ring set has blue stones in place of diamonds

he originally wanted to upgrade the wedding rings for her, but the perfect solution was to resize-to-fit then replace two diamond with blue zircon.

five diamond wedding ring remounted

sometimes all you need is a remount (diamond ring alteration)

from one creative being to another, a most collaborative venture. her strong sense design + my ability to listen brought us to the best idea. remounted wedding band

finished ring with replaced diamond (after)

engagement ring diamond replacement

her original small diamond was long gone from her ring, and she had always wanted a large engagement diamond – it was time to make this happen. [diamond replacement]

engagement ring with sapphires added

she said yes – engagement ring informed by her Pinterest boards

we redesigned an antique ring to reflect her personal style. the engagement ring selection and design was informed by her Pinterest boards.

sapphire engagement ring with design notes

engagement ring via refer-a-friend

this custom engagement ring came in via a referral from a customer who got engaged, married, and is now a dad! i love helping people via refer-a-friend and am humbled by recommendations based on the trust of a pleased customer.

engagement ring in need of repair alongside new setting and solitaire diamond

how an engagement diamond gets replaced with insurance

she lost her original oval brilliant cut diamond in her engagement ring. luckily the ring was insured. what to do?! here is how we handle getting jewelry fixed and ready to wear with insurance

new engagement ring with her original diamond

cracked diamond wedding band after repaired seamlessly

a california repair

bow under the setting solitaire marquis diamond engagmenent ring in white gold

a marquise story

classic marquise solitaire engagement 14k white gold ring with a bow under the setting. repurposed family diamond.

gold wedding band with inscription. three seperate rings repurposed

gold band made from three beloved rings includes engraving

each of three rings meant so much to her. knowing what was important, we saved the engraving in her dad’s wedding band, used her original engagement and original wedding band.

Yes gold can tear - we fixed this wedding ring after it had an engagement with a fireplace

gold can and does tear with enough force

the new solitaire diamond engagement ring pictured with the old ring sans diamond

family diamond from one ring to another

ring model before alterations

an unusual engagement ring

ring for sweet engagement

vintage family ring next to updated engagement ring

speaking of diamonds – engagement ring

top view edwardian style engagement ring with platinum halo updated for a more contemporary look

Edwardian style engagement ring