Redesigned Jewelry Portfolio

we repurpose mother’s, grandmother’s and auntie’s old jewelry into something that you actually want to wear. i love to deconstruct and create a new look for gems and metals that you already own. whether it is earrings to pendant or pendant to earrings and back again, i want to go on this journey with you.

below are pieces that have been upcycled, combined and redesigned. they all have their story.

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diamond and aquamarine brooches converted to pendants

brooch to pendant x 2

Working with vintage jewelry requires caution – nothing bad happened! Two high quality gold karat mass-produced brooches were converted to pendants.

diamond setting used for center of pendant made from ring

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)

Her gift to her great granddaughter was a pendant made from a wedding band. May the circle be unbroken.

Grandmother's wedding band bracelet

grandmother’s wedding band bracelet

She wanted to wear her grandmother’s wedding band as a bracelet. I wanted to retain the integrity of the ring so avoided soldering the links directly to the band.

Streamlined redesigned square peridot engagement ring

redesigned streamlined peridot engagement ring

Listening carefully, I made my suggestions to transform her cushion cut peridot engagement ring while retaining the original handwork.

solitaire diamond necklaces made from a pair of stud earrings

diamond stud earrings converted to solitaire necklaces

Solitaire necklaces converted from large diamond earrings – one for mother, one for daughter. 

Earrings from suite redesigned, simplified

a jewelry suite update – brooch and earrings redesign

Her jewelry suite looked dated. Redesigned 14k with opal triplets. Earrings simplified with diamond clusters;. Associated brooch converted to a pendant.

kiss of yellow diamond engagement ring

‘kiss of yellow’ engagement ring

I believe the right stone will “talk “ to you. The smile on her face said it all. The Old Mine cut diamond with a hint of yellow was for her.

smoky quartz pendant made from vintage ring (final)

top-heavy ring converted to pendant

She wanted the vintage ring turned into a pendant. Although it has a beautiful textured basket, it’s incredibly top heavy & outdated.

final pendant made from family rings

unbroken circle (diamond pendant from family rings)

Unworn family rings converted to an unbroken circle diamond pendant. Three generations created a gift for the forth.

Silver statement ring has large mounting and amethyst

her oversized mounting became her amethyst statement ring

Her oversized silver mounting + my amethyst = magnificent statement ring. I just happened to have a just-right size amethyst for a cabochon cut to fit

Diamond and sapphire wide-band "grown up" ring

a grown up ring (wedding set redesign)

At this point in her life, she wanted a more sophisticated redesigned ring. Her many stones set with several metals & varied stone mountings.

ring to pendant redesign - double hearts in ring

his wedding ring made into her heart pendant

The marriage of the double hearts and his wedding band into a pendant is just perfect. [The ring cut from her finger with engraving intact.]

two engraved bracelets redesign combined

marriage of two heirloom bracelets (id and bangle)

She wanted a redesign to combine two bracelets. Both engraved – a bangle bracelet from her mother + the id bracelet dad wore all the time.

Diamond pendant necklace made from snowflake pin

pendant and earrings made from snowflake pin

What do do with her beautiful diamond brooch that is not quite her style? We made pendant and two pairs post earrings from a snowflake pin.

"Sophia" signature pendant 18k gold with cz heart

redesigned nameplate tag necklace with heart & mantra

We broke many elements out of her jewelry box for this gift – a redesigned nameplate tag necklace with daughter’s actual signature.

Gold pendant replicated from costume design

karat gold disc pendant replicated from costume design

Original coin costume necklace includes their last name. For daughter’s birthday we replicated the beloved costume piece into karat gold.

wedding ring redesigned by alteration

making a bride happy – wedding band redesign

Wedding band redesign via alteration. I’m a jeweler who listens, solves a concern, keeps cost reasonable to make the wearer happy.

Finished ring conversion from pendant

grandma’s ring converted from pendant back into a ring

She loved the idea of changing grandma’s diamond pendant, originally a ring, back into a ring to wear herself. Has beautiful 1940s-1950s classic design elements.

stunning ring has large center diamond, medium side diamonds, several french-set diamonds

one stunning ring from several rings of a past marriage

Wedding rings repurposed into one stunning platinum ring with many diamonds. What to do with jewelry after the marriage has ended – redesign it into something you will wear and love.

diamond chevron necklace made from earrings

earrings from dad converted to diamond chevron necklace

her beautiful diamond chevron necklace has much-loved memories. made from earrings originally from earrings from her father.