necklace made from mother's engagement ring
necklace made from mother's engagement ring

elegant diamond necklace

this customer used her mothers engagement diamond which has great sentimental attachment, wanted to wear this 24/7, and wanted a bold but not bulky piece.

  • 14k white gold round wheat link chain
  • 14k yellow gold hinged accents and a double 14k yellow swivel style lobster clasp
  • diamond is set in a platinum bezel

location: Woodbridge, CT

her response?… speechless and a HUGE smile!

Everywhere I go, from New Haven to Farmington to Israel to Turkey to Aruba my necklace is met with oohs and aahs. I find myself smiling and putting my hand to my necklace each time someone makes a comment. You truly captured the essence of its meaning by giving life to my mom’s diamond, and for that I thank you.

Barbara C
via Facebook 2013

Woodbridge, CT
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