reproduced Norse forged-iron infinity ring

Norse ring. forged-iron texture reproduced in sterling silver
his original rough-hewn pewter infinity scroll ring
Norse ring. forged-iron texture reproduced in sterling silver

it began with a vacation to one of the Scandinavian countries – home of the Viking lore. he fell in love with a common ring design and picked one up in pewter. the rough-hewn ring he bought is a duplicate of an iron-forged ring from the time of dragons and wizards. it is also known as a scroll, spiral, or serpent ring. (the Jörmungandr serpent grew so huge that it could circle the world and bites on his own tail.)

she found me on line, a first time customer. she really wanted to do something special for him for the holiday season and decided to duplicate the ring in sterling silver, something he could wear with greater frequency.

to start we used the original ring to make a mold, and then a casting was made from the mold in sterling silver.

for this gift she wanted something bright but with a hand-forged feeling.

after the casting of the original ring was polished bright, it was time to re-create the rough-hewn surface. i used a small hammer and – believe it or not – various pieces of paper, all with different textures. after all these years working as a jeweler, it still amazes me that metal is so accepting of texturing with so many different things!  (i love what i do!)

  • Norse ring reproduced in sterling silver
  • Location: Weatogue, CT
My husband really liked his Christmas present! I want to thank you again for your excellent work.

she was thrilled with the finished Viking ring and so was he – a unique & thoughtful gift!

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