gold wedding band reconstructed from three beloved rings
gold wedding band with inscription. three seperate rings repurposed
gold wedding band reconstructed from three beloved rings

gold band made from three beloved rings includes engraving

she came into the shop this past winter, needing to have several rings cut off her finger. once that was done, she began to cry. each ring meant so much to her and she wore them on her married finger with her wedding band. two months later she came in again, almost ready to do something, tearful but still hesitant. This was not an inexpensive endeavor as the rings needed to go up several sizes, get soldered together and have a special finish applied. third time was the charm! July of 2017, she gave the go-ahead to merge three rings into one.

knowing what was important, we managed to save the engraving in her dad’s wedding band and use her original engagement ring plus her original wedding band. after sizing properly, we welded the new ring together and hammered the surface.

in the end there were still tears but also a smile that was positively beaming. she confessed this was not what she had pictured – the finished ring was even better than expected!

  • three separate rings, now one 14k yellow gold

location: Canton, CT

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