final ring marquise diamond in gold setting with sterling band
the marquise in gold setting plus the old ring mechanism that allows for interchangeable beeds
final ring marquise diamond in gold setting with sterling band

interchangeable bead ring to permanent marquise

she had a sterling silver ring that she once wore. interchangeable glass and silver beads (remember those?) were the ring’s main feature. at long last she decided it was too much of a hassle to keep changing the bead. well, i am lucky to have had the pleasure of doing many combinations, fabrications and redesigns for this woman over the years. there seems to be a trend where one reaches a certain age and realizes there are things one is not wearing; jewelry tastes change as do needs and wants.

she also had a karat gold and marquise diamond pendant slide that we had fabricated from a ring many years ago. (interesting that this setting has come full circle: ring-to-pendant and now pendant-to-ring.)

the final version of this combination fabrication is a bold 14k yellow gold corrugated frame set with one marquise cut diamond set upon a double sterling silver shank.

Location: Burlington, CT

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gold band made from three beloved rings includes engraving
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kiss of yellow diamond engagement ring

‘kiss of yellow’ engagement ring

marquise pendant was formerly a ring and necklace chain

large ring converted to a pendant

diamond and aquamarine brooches converted to pendants

brooch to pendant x 2