Two Hearts Are Better Than One

This client found me thanks to an online search. Google? Yelp? I’ve got to remember to ask. His request was so very sweet. His girlfriend lost her bracelet and he wanted to replace it for her. He began by sending me some not so great photos. But it was all that he had to share the original bracelet with me. When something is lost, the initial thought is often to replace with the exact same thing. But that is not always possible. So instead, I typically suggest to replace the missing piece with something that echos the style of the original but one that also begins another chapter. I emailed several suggestions via photos. Knowing his girl, he chose the same chain as the original but he asked for two hearts rather than one. And so the next step was deciding whether these two hearts would hang side by side or if we should join them so they hang on one single link. He was in favor of the joining. Now mind you, all of this communication had been done online, including a deposit as well as the final payment. But in the end, I finally had the pleasure of meeting this thoughtful, romantic man when he came to pick up the bracelet in-person. Thanks to the fast-paced wonder of the web, we were able to move through this just in time for his girlfriend’s arrival to town!

  • Sterling Silver
  • Client location: Avon, CT

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