necklace clasp attaches to replaceable charms as pendants
oversized charms removed from bracelet - horseshoe, cash register, carriage, ace of diamonds
necklace clasp attaches to replaceable charms as pendants

charm bracelet to charming pendant

as the only girl from a well-to-do family, she was the recipient of all the lovely kitschy and cha cha jewels. the race track across the street may very well have influenced the choice of some of the bracelet charms – horseshoe, slot machine, cash register, ace of diamonds. it has oversized charms that are just not made anymore. all in all, the jewelry is in really great condition for its age. the charms are intricate and made with loads of hand work and assembly features – articulation, moveable parts, and a variety of precious gems in a rainbow assortment of color.

imagine the tinkle and chimes of the charms knocking against each other in the original charm bracelet! but what to do? since she does not like to wear bracelets with that much movement.

she had two machine rope chains, one in better condition than the other and with a fantastic clasp. after the clean up and minor repairs, we combined these two into one very long chain. we replaced the links on each of the charms to wear as a pendant on the hook (clasp) of the chain.

so, in the end, the charm bracelet was converted into a charming pendant perfect for the layered look being touted in today’s fashion magazines and seen on the runway scene.

  • 14k yellow gold with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. in other words, colors that go with EVERYTHING!

location: Saratoga, NY

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