this wedding set is a marriage of family heirlooms

new wedding set next to family heirlooms (ring and heart pendant)
finished diamond wedding wedding set on her hand
new wedding set next to family heirlooms (ring and heart pendant)

her mother-in-law gifted her own original wedding set to her son, the groom. she was inspired to reset the diamonds from her wedding set into a new ring honoring the family heirloom. she, the bride, also had a diamond heart pendant from her own family and wanted to incorporate those stones into her new wedding ring as well.

the newly-engaged couple contacted me to reset the family diamonds from both families into a new wedding set based upon the original ring design. she wanted to capture the flavor of the original set but in a modern way. with the many available diamonds, we were able to create a wider band and to set the center stone a bit higher. another challenging and fun project to “marry” all of these family heirlooms into a new design.

I am late in telling you how beautiful the ring that you created is and how happy we both are! You were just a dream to work with and I am so thankful that you were able to guide us through the process!

Marisa C.
Harwinton, CT
the challenge in designing this ring was in using all the stones. i placed the two marquise shaped diamonds to accent the center diamond and then arranged the smaller diamonds on the band in a nice pattern while keeping the rows of stones equally spaced.

new design in the spirit of the original

to stay true to the flavor of the original wedding set, we set the diamonds just like the original, in split bezels. A split-bezel setting is one in which the metal base extends only part way around the stone, in contrast to a bezel-set stone in which the metal extends all the way around the stone. the center round brilliant cut diamond is set in prongs, a timeless way to set stones and works really well to keep this diamond the center point of this very sparkly ring!

like the heirloom set, which is approaching 100 years old, the new ring is also done in platinum, one of the noble metals. diamond setters love the way platinum can be worked. unlike karat gold, it is not heavily alloyed, making it “easy” to work with. it is not brittle as karat gold can be, and it is very dense so it wears very very well.

  • platinum wedding set with one round brilliant cut diamond center, accented with round full cut diamonds and two marquise cut diamonds.
  • location: Harwinton, CT

a tale of a wedding set.
two families join heirlooms into one ring that is loved by the newly engaged couple.

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