wedding band for a rosy future

rose gold wedding band with 17 full cut diamonds
rose gold wedding ring with 17 diamonds from grandma, old setting in background
rose gold wedding band with 17 full cut diamonds

she is a hopeless romantic so when the opportunity arose to use the diamonds from her grandmother’s ring, she jumped at the chance. reusing those diamonds is a perfect way to bring “something old” into the “something old, something new” tradition of weddings. (i am thrilled she is marrying such a fine gentleman as i have the pleasure of knowing this young woman since before she was born!)

her biggest concern was that the rose gold of the wedding band should match that of her engagement ring.

rose gold is not all the same color. it is an alloy, typically 75% gold and 25% copper. the higher the proportion of copper in the manufacturer’s “recipe”, the rosier the color gets. looking at pictures of the subtle hue differences on the internet can be frustrating because computer screens do not display true colors.

she had shopped at other jewelry establishments but found the color of the rose gold was not a match. ultimately she consulted with me, and as it turns out, i am familiar with the online vendor who made the engagement ring. i was able to talk to my casting house about matching the color of the rose gold. the investigation was a success – the two rings match perfectly!

reusing bibi’s diamonds

there is almost always a subtle size difference with multiple diamonds. the ring from her grandmother had 18 diamonds. after removing them from the original gold mounting, i matched and calibrated both the quality and size of each stone. fortunately, only one stone in particular was just not up to snuff with respect to quality. so we set it aside and were able to use 17 of the 18 full-cut diamonds from the family ring.

in the new wedding ring there is a very subtle graduation in size of diamonds – the largest stone is in the center, tapering down to the smallest around the finger. each diamond is set in four prongs each.

the wedding band is beautiful – delicate, yet it does not overshadow the engagement ring.

  • wedding ring with 17 full-cut diamonds made in 14k rose gold to match the engagement ring.
  • Location: Glastonbury, CT

her grandmother bibi was quite the character, and this unique piece is a lovely way to honor her memory.

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