sparkling wedding set redesigned to stand test of time

finished new platinum ring next to old ring + earrings
completed redesigned wedding set with many varied sized diamonds
inside view of platinum diamond ring with many bezels
finished new platinum ring next to old ring + earrings

she came in as a word-of-mouth referral to have me reset her original but dated wedding ring set. (she still has the original hubby so that is fabulous.)  as a member of the equestrian enthusiast set, i knew she needed a ring that would stand the test of time and daily wear. horse people are a hardy lot and this new ring is platinum, a noble metal that wears like no other; while it looks delicate the set should stand the test of time beautifully.

the remount is based upon her grandmother’s original wedding set and we used two straight-cut diamond baguettes from her mother-in-law’s earrings. many different diamond shapes presented a challenge in the single combo ring layout. the engagement side of the ring has a round brilliant-cut diamond as the center focus with full-cut diamonds and straight-cut diamond baguettes on either side. the wedding band side of the ring has three graduated marquise-cut diamonds and six full-cut diamonds that are also slightly graduated –  whew!

the majority of the diamonds are set in split bezels which are less likely to fail compared to prongs. so no prongs yet the clever design allows for the maximum amount of light to dance around the diamonds. the center diamond, while not large, really sparkles and is set low and sturdy in a six-prong basket.

i have increasingly been combining engagement ring/wedding bands when redesigning bridal sets. seems as we get older we want simplicity and ease of wear, hence, only one ring to put on the finger. it looks like two rings from the top.

to top it off, she is wearing it layered with a yellow gold band with a single row of channel-set diamond (not shown). my new name for miss molly is “Sparkle Plenty!”

  • platinum wedding set with many diamonds with varied sizes, shapes and cut
  • Harwinton, CT

we both could not stop smiling once the ring was on her finger!

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