Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond
Sparkling ring revisioning from the back
Sparkling ring revisioning from the right side
Sparkling ring revisioning from the left side
Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond

When a friend of my old neighbor mentioned that she had a diamond engagement ring and another favorite ring, both gifts from her late husband, my neighbor said that she had just the right person in mind for a jewelry revisioning. This stunning diamond and a very well-made ring originally designed by Silpada, a company no longer in existence, arrived at my doorstep and I was simply ecstatic to help this client transform these pieces in a meaningful way.

When I redesign jewelry my goal is to create a signature piece that is representative of the wearer: uniquely them.

With a combination of sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, upon meeting this client, my vision for a new design was almost instantaneous. The challenge in this particular case was setting the stone so she could wear it regularly with little care. And so, I began by assembling a white gold bezel, drilling through the mounting so that the bezel could be counter sunk into the ring. This small detail allowed for the finished ring to look cleaner and for this customization to be seamless. Next, I set the diamond before adding the finishing polish, in order to remove as many surface scratches as possible. The bright polish, while dazzling in person, does pose its challenges when attempting to capture photos. But I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

At last, this sparkling beauty was ready for pickup. Our client was beaming when she left the shop, already wearing her gorgeous, signature piece. The perfect blend – fresh excitement of newness paired with deeply cherished memories of old. May she wear this piece and honor her husband’s memory for many years to come.

A special thank you to my former neighbor for her referral. If you, too, have a friend in need of a jewelry revisioning, I would love the opportunity to help them breathe new life into their most cherished pieces.

  • Sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold
  • Location: Terryville, CT

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