grandmother’s wedding band bracelet

Just right - 14k white gold chain fit her style (finished)
Mutli-strand bracelet chain - not quite her style
Rolo Chain sketch - too bold for her style
Just right - 14k white gold chain fit her style (finished)

She found me on line and loved seeing how cherished family jewelry could be redesigned into wearable pieces and given new life.  She described her grandmother’s ring and a bracelet that she liked on my website. We began with an email inquiry – all the way from Alabama.

getting a feel for her style

I sent her my  first “sketches” as a way to feel out what her style is. I used several chains, all in 14k white gold, from my stock as well as a demo ring that is similar to her grandmother’s ring.

  • The first is a multi strand bracelet, very pretty but not exactly what she envisioned.
  • The second is a Rolo link – just a bit too bold for her.
  • The third design was jusssst right; she prefers a daintier look.

Reminds me of Goldilocks and the three bears!

putting it all together

She has a tiny wrist, and I did not want to solder the links directly to the ring. The bracelet was split in the center, and tab ends were used to securely add the ring into the link. The tabs were pinched to prevent the ring from spinning and also keep the chain on either side of the band. A lobster clasp to keep the bracelet secure on the wrist. She liked it – a very very happy gal.

  • Grandmother’s ring bracelet on a 14k white gold Rolo link chain
  • Location: Hunstville, Alabama
more converted rings designs

We began with an email inquiry – all the way from Alabama

masonic emblem pendant made from old pieces

the melt (rings converted to a pendant)

promise rings pendant, two meaningful rings to wear close to the heart

promise rings turned into a pendant

smoky quartz pendant made from vintage ring (final)

top-heavy ring converted to pendant

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)
redesigned streamlined peridot engagement ring