his wedding ring made into her heart pendant

double heart pendant with design sketches
husband's wedding ring redesigned into pendant [detail]
parts: double hearts (gift), ring (cut off with engraving in tact), double open link
double heart pendant with design sketches

She wanted her husband’s wedding ring redesigned into a pendant once I helped get it off her finger. Her brother and sister-in-law had given her a double heart pendant to commemorate what would have been their 50th wedding anniversary, and so the original thought was to make a free form heart and nestle the double hearts inside it. Her husband passed away a few years ago, and she had been wearing his wedding band on her right hand, her dominant hand. Unfortunately, age and arthritis made the joint too large to take off easily and then not being able to take it off at all!

cutting it off her finger presented some challenges

A cautionary tale – one should never let rings become too tight to remove. We needed to cut it off, and in this kind of situation, it helped that I have known her for many many years. I remember when her husband brought in their youngest to purchase a gift for a girlfriend, and I remember when their oldest got married, now with 3 kids.

This is a wide and thick band, so it was a big challenge to avoid damaging the engraving inside the ring – her initials to his and their wedding date. Amazingly, I was able to see where the engraving was (we pushed the ring against her finger so I could take a peek). Then I carefully positioned the saw that looks like a circular saw with protection, and I sweated while cutting off the ring.


but how to allow the hearts inside the ring pendant to move and dangle?

Rummaging thru some bits and pieces and parts, I came across a double open link that just snapped into where I had cut the ring off.  And so, feeding the hearts onto one link and soldering the elongated link into the opening of the band to create the bail, the piece was completed just as we envisioned.

The marriage of the double hearts and his wedding band is just perfect. In the pendant, the ring’s engraving is visible to her.

I supplied a sterling silver link chain, attached the pendant and she walked out with a smile! It was completed just in time to wear for the Mother’s Day celebration with her family.

  • Sterling silver ring silver hearts, link, chain and a 14k yellow gold wedding band
  • Location: Avon, CT

a meaningful double heart pendant from his ring – cut from her finger with engraving intact

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