rings from a marriage pendant

rings from a marriage converted to pendant
finished necklace. gold wedding bands on lariat chain plus design drawings.
pendant chain slides through ring - detail
rings from a marriage converted to pendant

she found me on line (on pinterest, i believe). as most jewelry has a story to tell, this is hers. after her husband passed, she wanted to wear hers & his marriage bands in the original shape, not to change them in any way.  both rings were engraved. his ring had been passed down through his family for a generation or two.

while she did not specify not to solder in the fabrication, somehow i felt she would prefer the simplification of rings and links. she supplied the 14k gold wedding bands. i supplied my favorite chain links, the cable chain and the design sense.

i emailed several different designs. since she loved them all, she solicited advice from friends via email. in the end she chose the one i liked the best as well!

adjustable length, no clasp needed

with the marriage bands linked to both ends of a twenty-six inch 14k gold chain, it fits over her head in a contemporary lariat style without a clasp. the rings are attached by small links to keep the integrity of the rings. since no solder was used, she can continue to enjoy the engraved message inside because the words are not obscured at all. she can adjust the length to the outfit of the day by sliding the top wedding ring high or low.

  • two original 14k gold marriage bands attached with my favorite links on a 14k yellow gold lariat-style cable chain
  • Location: Arlington, VA

something to wear often to honor the happy & loving union

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