making a bride happy – wedding band redesign

finished redesigned ring. she loves the fit - XOXO
finished redesign - view from back
simple gold bands to fix original wedding ring
width of a band is so important for comfortable fit
finished redesigned ring. she loves the fit - XOXO

She is a repeat customer, and an online repeat customer which has me thrilled beyond words. She was married within this past year and had her wedding band made by another jeweler – with unhappy results. It was “if something could go wrong everything will go wrong” scenario. That happens sometimes – it has happened to me, and it is important to do the best one can do to remedy the displeasure. Actually the work done was solidly good work – the communication, not so much. She had given the jeweler an image of the ring she wanted her band based upon. I think both parties became very frustrated. Meanwhile, time was of the essence with the wedding rapidly approaching, so she accepted the band produced.

Fast forward to her finding me on line. I redesigned a pair of earrings from dad into a necklace with excellent results. I used all of her bits and pieces, the earrings, and the chain. I supplied the design and jewelry work.

We then began a conversation about her wedding band and specifically her unhappiness with it.

First we explored the cost to make it over completely, but that was very expensive especially factoring in the cost of this original band.

There are 5 count genuine blue sapphires that are both gypsy set, meaning the stone is set directly into the metal, then bead set with 4 beads each. The element of X’s between each stone reminds me of hugs and kisses. Very appropriate for a wedding band.

redesign her ring instead of refabricate?

My next suggestion was to add to it, creating a band more along the lines of what she originally envisioned. As her ring is really thick, I suggested using narrow bands that are inside round, closer to the thickness of the original band. Because the completed ring was going to be wider than the original band, we had to size it up a bit so it fits comfortably.

Keep in mind this is all being done remotely; she works in New York City, and the mandated coronavirus shutdown made a face-to-face meeting impossible and not safe! We did a ton of back and forth, leaving no question or concern unaddressed. My goal was to have her love the modified ring as much as she loves her husband and wear it all the time!

So ordering in plain bands, the first set was not heavy enough; and sending her photo “sketches,” answering questions and concerns we were able to take the leap of faith that I would be able to produce what she wanted. The plain 14k yellow gold 1mm x 1.85mm thick inside round bands were soldered all around the original 14k yellow gold 5 mm x 2.15mm wedding band.

Success – she loves it!

  • Redesigned and altered 14k yellow gold wedding band to make her happy.
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ

I was able to address her concerns, keep the cost reasonable, and further establish what I hope will be a long-term relationship.

Wow, wow, wow!!!

This is what I originally envisioned.

I was so disappointed that we had to leave the settings as is, but I was disappointed for nothing. The settings don’t even appear stretched anymore. The top and bottom bands tie the design together and it no longer appears unfinished to me.

The ring fits comfortably – not tight and not too loose. Maybe now I’ll wear it all the time (when not washing or cleaning) rather than just when I leave the house as I did before.

I can’t stop staring at it.

Thank you so much for helping me love my ring... almost as much as I love my husband.

I have so many more goodies in my jewelry box, no doubt you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

Cori Fernandez Terwilliger
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