karat gold disc pendant replicated from costume design

Final 14k gold pendant replicated from lion costume design, has "Small But Mighty" mantra on side two
We broke this lion pendant out of the jewelry box
Fiducia Virtus Amplitudo costume lion pendant above 14k discs. Ready for replication.
Final 14k gold pendant replicated from lion costume design, has "Small But Mighty" mantra on side two

Her daughter was having a special birthday and mom wanted to do something to celebrate it, so she brought a veritable “jewelry box” of pieces to the shop for me to work with.

As so many are doing during pandemic shutdown, she has been cleaning out, right sizing and repurposing. Much of what she brought in were things from her mother, her mother-in-law or self purchases from long ago. In addition to this gift for her daughter, we also revived a pendant from a brooch and redesigned a jewelry tag into a necklace.

For this piece, we began with a lion pendant. The original coin necklace is a costume piece, but what is special is their last name is on it. What better way to celebrate than to reproduce a loved costume piece into karat gold and have her daughters mantra engraved on the back as well?

“small but mighty” mantra pendant

The new pendant is 14k yellow gold. On one side of the disc we engraved “small but mighty.” Side two features the lion image and the Latin words “Fiducia, Virtus, Amplitudo” – which translates to “Trust, Virtue, and Importance.”

We selected one of her chains to hang the pendant, then took a superior clasp from another chain to create safer way to wear the pendant. We made one for daughter and one for mom as well in 14 karat gold.

I credited many of the other items pictured to defray the cost.

She came in as a referral, and actually lives near my home!

  • Two engraved 14k gold coin / disc pendants
  • Location: Barkhamsted, CT

It’s a happy day when I get to break little wonders out of the jewelry box!

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