unbroken circle (diamond pendant from family rings)

final circle pendant made from family rings
original family rings. diamonds in different settings
great grandmother's ring, family diamonds, and drawings
pendant now on chain, shown with design drawings
final circle pendant made from family rings

Three generations of family rings that were sitting in jewelry boxes unworn – and actually could not be worn due to their condition – are now redesigned into a pendant that the fortunate recipient will love.

She did not want another ring. She loves her engagement ring and does not wear a lot of jewels in general. And since she lives overseas, she wanted to avoid any needed tweaking / sizing that a ring might require.

To get started, I showed them photos of other family heirlooms that I have redesigned into necklaces and pendants. Both mother and daughter liked the suggestion of using great-granny’s 14k gold ring as the “unbroken circle” for the three diamonds from all of the rings to nestle into. And so we also have a metaphorical “unbroken circle,” with diamonds from the family’s past to be worn into the future.

bringing the design idea to reality

First of all, the three diamonds needed to be taken out of the settings and measured for the correct bezel size to be ordered. Next, the 6 prongs from great-granny’s ring were removed, and the band was seamlessly welded back together.

Two links were added so the cable link chain could be attached to the pendant. One of the reasons I love this type of link is that it blends beautifully with necklace centerpieces.

  • 14k white gold bezels and chain, 14k yellow gold family ring, 3 diamonds from family rings
  • Location: Avon, CT and ultimately England

3 generations created a gift for the 4th generation

more rings converted to pendants designs
nana's ring made into a pendant

nana’s ring made into a pendant

diamond cluster is like a solar system with a pearl sun and diamond stars

aunt’s mid-century cluster ring turned into pendant

diamond setting used for center of pendant made from ring

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)

top-heavy ring converted to pendant
her oversized mounting became her amethyst statement ring