her oversized mounting became her amethyst statement ring

Overized statement ring with cabochon-cut amethyst (finished)
My on-hand large amethyst was the right size for her silver mounting
Overized statement ring with cabochon-cut amethyst (finished)

She came into my shop with a silver oversized mounting. She was not a first time customer and was completely open to suggestions. Once she approved the design, we both realized this was going to take a little longer than usual and thus was a perfect pandemic project.

Q: What to do with an empty silver OVERSIZED mounting? What to do with a piece of tumbled amethyst?

A: Have the amethyst cut-to-fit the mounting as a gift to oneself especially since her birthday is in February!

two finds made for each other

Serendipitously, I just happened to have a tumbled amethyst stone that was long enough, wide enough and deep enough to have a cabochon cut to fit her mounting. A cabachon cut is domed – no facets involved – which was the perfect solution since this piece of purple quartz, with its fair amount of internal fractures, was not a candidate for faceting.

The cabochon amethyst was then set in the bezel. I did not want to do much with heat or a torch which might have an adverse affect on this fabricated mounting from the Southwest.

  • Silver amethyst ring with oversized mounting
  • Location: West Hartford, CT

What a magnificent statement ring!

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