top-heavy ring converted to pendant

Finished smoky quartz pendant has large bail for whatever chain she chooses to use
Side view of textured basket setting - perfect design for a pendant
Fabricated bail - back of pendant made from ring
Original piece - top heavy for a ring, nice balance as a pendant
Finished smoky quartz pendant has large bail for whatever chain she chooses to use

Her ring was from a family member and it holds a lot of sentiment. Although she wears it a lot, she found it incredibly top-heavy and a bit outdated. Her niece sent her over to me to convert this ring into a pendant. (Referrals make the world go ’round!)

Right away I could see that the classic 18k yellow gold ring and its oversized smoky quartz solitaire gemstone would look beautiful around her neck. The piece includes a beautifully-textured basket setting that looks perfectly smart hanging from a chain.

Pleasantly, this jewelry redesign was not overly complicated. Since smoky quartz does not take kindly to any heat, the stone first had to come out of the mounting. It was relatively easy to unseat and then reset once the mounting had been customized/fabricated into a pendant.

fabricated bail for pendant

As for the mounting – instead of finding and purchasing a bail that is well-designed and matching, the shank, or ring part, was cut up under the basket and then re-formed to create the bail for a chain to pass through. We made the bail a very generous size since as she was not sure what chain she was going to wear if on.

Just perfect when done!

  • 18k yellow gold smoky quartz pendant with fabricated bail made from her vintage ring
  • Location: Wolcott, CT
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