A Three-Piece Pendant with One Very Heartfelt Message

A beautiful Three-Piece Pendant with One Very Heartfelt Message
A beautiful Three-Piece Pendant with One Very Heartfelt Message

This lovely client found me online. She had recently lost her beloved and was seeking a way to repurpose his and her wedding bands in a meaningful way. Her daughter had a photo pendant made which contains a stone that, when held up to the light, features a small photograph of the happy couple. Originally, this client wanted her band to be a heart inside his band with the photo in the middle – as shown in the sketch. The challenge was that this piece was not karat gold so there could not be any heat used to assemble the pendant. After considering our options, we decided to forgo the heart, and drill right through the two, leaving the rings intact. This way she’d still be able to read the engravings inside each ring. This was a heartfelt project resulting in a piece of jewelry that allows this client to carry the beloved memories of her and her husband with her, wherever she might go.

  • Materials: 14k yellow gold wedding bands, gold-toned photo pendant
  • Manchester, CT

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