Commemorating 30 Years of Love with a Lab Grown Diamond that Dazzles

Lab made diamond ring
Lab made diamond ring

This client and I go decades back. He was the postmaster of my local post office for many years and always a delight to visit with. He and his wife are now both retired from the postal service and happily enjoying each other during retirement. They were looking to commemorate their marital milestone in a special way. The big 3-0 brought them in to see me. Initially, they considered matching her original engagement diamond, approximately a half carat, getting a larger diamond for the center, and having a three stone ring made. But that proved to be too much ring for their new lifestyle. I suggested that we match her original engagement diamond with a lab grown diamond and make a pair of diamond stud earrings, set in 14k yellow gold, and continue with the classic diamond solitaire ring that she is familiar with for the larger diamond. They loved the idea! Exploring diamond options, carat weight/ size, shape, color and clarity, and keeping cost in mind, this lovely couple opted to go with an HTHP laboratory grown diamond. High temperature, high pressure, these diamonds have all the properties of a natural stone and are just as dazzling. Each diamond is inscribed on the girdle indicating it is a lab grown stone. The finished ring is set in a 14k 6-prong white gold crown with a yellow gold shank. We also resized the band for a better fit. Once the updated ring was presented this couple was glowing just as much as her luminous new diamond!

  • Materials: Round brilliant cut lab grown diamond, 14k yellow and white gold solitaire mounting
  • New Hartford, CT

Client Testimonial:
“You are responsible for the most resplendent smile that has been fixed to M’s face since we left your shop. She is so happy with everything you created. (Subsequently, so am I!) Your work is truly art! I am sure your dad would be proud of how you have been able to insure your clientele’s happiness. You should be too! Thanks again for helping to paint such a brilliant smile on my bride’s face as we close out our 30th year together!”

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