interpretation of light and airy (wave pave ring)

Final wave ring - blue sapphire with 21 pave diamonds
Pave wave ring (side view - she likes it!)
Final bezel wave ring (not quite what she wanted)
Bezel wave ring - design plan
Final wave ring - blue sapphire with 21 pave diamonds

Married for many years, she felt the time was right for an update of her engagement ring. This ring consisted of a large sapphire and 6 full cut diamonds, her wedding band had 15 tiny full cut diamonds.

After finding me online, she had done some poking around on my website and came across a few of the wave/bubble series of rings – and so we began.

She readily admitted she needed to see the designs, since she doesn’t have a good mental visualization. She had requested something “light and airy with movement,”and I had interpreted her request with all the stones set in bezel. She did approve the sketches and renderings; but when the completed ring arrived, she was disappointed. Although she appreciated the simplicity and the craftsmanship, the bezel wave ring did not match what she had envisioned in her mind’s eye, which we together determined was a pave ring. Her description of “light and airy” referred to the light on the diamonds, not the actual physical mounting.

so a do-over had to be done…

We kept the same shape, the wave, but pave set the stones in a white gold plate this time. When one literally paves with the stones, one gets a shimmery reflective light dancing on the diamonds. Hence her description of something “light and airy” = shimmery.

In this project I gained an additional appreciation for words and understanding.  Through it all I gained goodwill with a new customer – we are working on another project together.

  • 14k white gold ring with one genuine round faceted blue sapphire and 21 full-cut diamonds of different sizes
  • Location: Newington, CT.

the second design was just what she had pictured!

more of Raimie’s wave ring designs
Finished wavey ring with pave diamonds next to the sketch drawing

undulating wave ring with many reused family diamonds

Healing ring. Redesigned wedding set is diamond wave ring

the healing ring, wedding set redesign

two-layer undulating wave ring with pave set diamonds

three layer wave ring changed to two layers

Mother’s Day necklace with daughters initials
gift for a chef (meat cleaver cufflinks)