the healing ring, wedding set redesign

wave ring with different size diamonds, yellow gold at bottom
wave ring with different size diamonds, yellow gold at top
healing ring redesign planning sketch
destroyed wedding rings alongside parts for new ring design
wave ring with different size diamonds, yellow gold at bottom

almost 10 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. she endured the grueling rounds of chemo, radiation and surgeries complete with all the fears, heartbreak, tears and victories.

her wedding rings needed to be cut off her finger at one point in her treatment, and it took her some time to be able to look at her wedding set after her course of therapy. she intuitively felt she could not wear the original set but wanted to have the rings redesigned to mark this new chapter in her life and celebrate her strong and happy marriage bond.

the original set was traditional in the configuration – very symmetrical. the wedding set had three diamonds in the engagement ring and seven diamonds in the wedding band.

this was a project that was months in the making. during a long conversation at the beginning of this project, she presented her requests for an asymmetrical, organic design in white gold.  she is a gardener, landscaper and connected to mother earth, so once i took the stones out of the original mountings, i began to play around with them with that in mind. i kept seeing waves or ripples and bubbles with loads of space between.

the asymmetrical ring redesign – like sunlight on the water

all of the diamonds are set in full white gold bezels – the metal goes all around the stone and accents the shape. two of the waves in the ring are white gold and one of the waves is done in yellow gold, like sunlight on the water.

there is a lot of space in the design, with the diamonds resembling bubbles in water.  the largest diamond, her engagement diamond, is a round brilliant cut diamond. the nine other diamonds are full cut diamonds.

she loved it! complete with healing ripples and bubbles one might find in a stream.

  • 14k white gold and yellow gold ripples, round brilliant cut diamond, nine full cut diamonds.
  • Location: Avon, CT

a beautiful story of healing and strength and courage and persistence

more redesigned jewelry
diamond setting used for center of pendant made from ring

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)

Streamlined redesigned square peridot engagement ring

redesigned streamlined peridot engagement ring

red carmelian bead bracelet redesign

redesigned carnelian bead bracelet

family brooch and coin converted to pendant
this wedding set is a marriage of family heirlooms