gift for a chef (meat cleaver cufflinks)

Her boyfriend is a chef and has a tie bar in the shape of a meat cleaver that he loves and wears often. Her thought was to have cufflinks made to match or complement. She recently moved here and found me online.

There are many ways to create pieces of jewelry, and I love fabricating with items already in production. It stretches the imagination and many times saves many dollars. So we began with a silver meat cleaver charm made by a company I have worked with for years.

After making sure the charm had enough detail for her, there was wonderful collaboration with the charm company. They were more than willing to fabricate a hinged wing back pair of cufflinks using a disc heavy enough to withstand the soldering of both the charm and the bindings, yet not so large in diameter or in thickness to be too heavy for wear.

Beginning in sterling silver and then 14k yellow gold plate gave us exactly the gift she had envisioned.

  • 14k yellow gold plate over sterling silver meat cleaver cufflinks
  • Location: Torrington, CT

A wonderful collaboration of imagination, vision and talents.

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