Mother’s Day necklace with daughters initials

gold initials on mother's necklace (detail)
gold initials on mother's necklace (detail)
long gold necklace with daughter's initials
long gold necklace with daughter's initials

A lovely initial necklace for the girls to give mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Done in 14k yellow gold, the chain has one initial for each child.

I have been creating for this young family since baby #1

So mom has two pendants from dad, who was very clear he wanted a separate gift of jewelry for each child.

  • Three years ago, we did a simple opal pendant with a black opal triplet, as she was born in October
  • Then her sister came along, another October baby and so another pendant – this time with a white opal.

With the Mothers Day gift from her daughters, mom will have three necklaces proudly showing off her family. And the length will be perfect for wearing all three together!

A simple solution to a special occasion.

  • 14k yellow gold necklace with the initials “L” and “S”
  • Location: New Hartford, CT

Gift necklace – a classic Mother’s Day present

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