the melt (rings converted to a pendant)

masonic emblem pendant made from old pieces
the back of emblem pendant made from melted jewelry
the jewelry melted to make pendant atop design plans
the jewelry melted to make pendant atop design plans
masonic emblem pendant made from old pieces

a referral from a mutual friend came in to the shop. she wanted to divest herself of the bits and pieces from the bottom of her jewelry case. she always wanted a pendant, something solid to wear on a gooseneck chain that would be her signature necklace.

we started with several rings that no longer fit or were passed down from parents, former lovers, siblings or friends. included in the mix was a sweet heart-shaped one that had a diamond from her dad’s ring which had been a traditional gent’s black onyx with a diamond accent in the center.

little diamond… big story

here is where the story gets interesting… her parents were divorced back at a time when it was a bit scandalous to break apart; apparently it was a strained separation. her dad’s masonic ring went missing during this tumultuous time, and it wasn’t until decades later that her mother fessed up to pinching it and to having a heart-shaped ring made using the tiny diamond and emblem!

we went through the box of jewelry and the stories. i then made some rough sketches. the request was to melt the wedding bands, use the emblem from the heart ring, and produce a pendant to wear on a beautiful chain from her husband.

  •  yellow gold pendant with a white gold accent and one European cut diamond with a long family backstory

location: Colebrook, CT

a new memory keepsake to remember all the emotions, both loving and not

nana's ring made into a pendant

nana’s ring made into a pendant

promise rings pendant, two meaningful rings to wear close to the heart

promise rings turned into a pendant

emerald cut diamond, 14k white gold solid faceted cable link necklace chain

if it is summer, it must be necklace season

family rings converted to talisman pendant
wedding rings to wear as pendant