family rings converted to talisman pendant

gold talisman pendant made from two family rings
design ideas for converting rings into a pendant
gold talisman pendant made from two family rings

she requested a pendant as a talisman to wear which would include her baby ring and her mother’s wedding band, complete with engraving.

she is an enthusiastic retired physician and like so many of us of a certain age, she has taken on the daunting task of cleaning out, right sizing, giving away and repurposing her possessions. in many jewelry boxes, one will find the flotsam and jetsam of past lives. in her jewelry box, she found a baby ring and a wedding band from her maternal side, complete with the original legible engraving. she was not wearing either but they were too precious to give away.

her request was  for a pendant, one that was a single piece of jewelry and not just two rings hanging from a chain. the  challenge was that she did not want the rings to be cut or polished and no solder could touch either ring.  she wanted each to move freely within the design.

  • Location: Simsbury, CT

small diamond, big impact

she remembered having a small diamond from a different piece of jewelry that she wanted to use but alas could not find it.  i supplied one instead; i searched for and found a small white diamond with good clarity stone to go into the bail that needs to fit over a 5 mm chain that she already had.  the diamond I found fit into the pendant bails bezel perfectly.  although it is a small one at 0.03 points of a carat, this full cut diamond has 58 facets, just like the bigger ones.  so this diamond is a sparkly one –  sparkle is its primary job!

her comment indicated that her daughters (of which there are three) will have to share this piece in the future;  the rings are from a beloved grandmother/great-grandmother with a little bling sparkle.

  • the two rings are now made into a pendant:  14k yellow gold with a full-cut diamond accenting the bail and her family karat gold rings. i used a bezel as the metal goes all around the stone, and there are no prongs to catch on things – especially important as this pendant will be worn almost 24/7/365.

she was thrilled with the completed piece and she wears every day.

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