custom three diamond necklace instead of repair

she was a repeat customer who came in for repair service. the ring was a well-worn, much-loved piece of jewelry that i had made many years ago. as things happen, the ring was too worn to safely repair. also, over time, she found that she no longer wears as many rings but always has a necklace or two around her neck.

we combined the ring’s side stones – originally these were diamond stud earrings – with her diamond solitaire pendant. we used her chain that the pendant hung on and made a custom three-diamond necklace.

i supplied the suggestions, sketches and settings. she supplied the diamonds, the chain and the want-to-do-something-else. keeping it simple, we used shared prongs on the center diamond to allow the maximum light possible to dance through the diamonds.

  • 14k white gold necklace with three round brilliant-cut diamonds.
  • Location: Bridgeport, CT
reproduced Norse forged-iron infinity ring
blue topaz earrings match her pendant & her budget