blue sapphire bubble wave ring

finished blue sapphire bubble wave ring
small and large blue sapphires create the "bubbles"
blue sapphire bezels ready for fabrication
two white gold wavy bands on my finger
bubble wave ring on a finger (demo)
finished blue sapphire bubble wave ring

her new ring was created with sapphires from her nana and from a pair of earrings she no longer wears. she wanted something that “flowed” and, following my suggestion to take a look at my website, honed in on a bubble wave ring that I repurposed from a wedding set.

she was inspired to have a custom ring made with her own stones which are very blue! the blue certainly reflects the bubble/water theme of the wave ring. she had one large oval and several round smaller sapphires to cluster together.

once i had unseated her stones from their original settings, we exchanged many emails of my “sketches.” this digital exchange kept the project progressing, since she lives out of state to the tune of 120 miles.

although gorgeous, the color of the sapphires is not all that unusual. our eyes tend to blend and even-out the color range and variations. the only treatment, which is not usually disclosed (but is almost always done and only detected via a lab report) is heat treatment. many mines actually have ovens that “cook” the sapphires to enhance and bring out the blue. most sapphires are pretty muddy in color when first mined, though there are natural color (not heat treated) stones mined which are very expensive.

a new look at a favored design

this is actually not the first time i have used the wavy bands to create a ring. the very first one was for the undulating wave ring with many reused family diamonds, though this particular one is based on the healing wave ring wedding set redesign. it is always so interesting to revisit the bones of a design and envision new possibilities. there are new stones to be incorporated into the piece that differ in shape, size and color. Plus, the most important unique factor to consider is interpreting what the client wants and needs!

she wanted a ring that she could wear frequently, we chose bezels to keep the design clean and to create the suggestion of bubbles. she is an active person, so we did not use prongs which have a tendency to catch on things.

i was able to position the sapphires at different levels because they are so much smaller than the ones in the original healing wave ring.

  • 14k white gold wave ring with six genuine blue sapphire “bubbles”
  • Location: Melrose, MA

upon pick up from the shop – huge smiles, wows and omg’s

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Finished wavey ring with pave diamonds next to the sketch drawing

undulating wave ring with many reused family diamonds

sapphire wave ring with pave diamonds

interpretation of light and airy (wave pave ring)

two-layer undulating wave ring with pave set diamonds

three layer wave ring changed to two layers

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