reuse of diamonds – loads of love from a broken marriage

three sparkly diamond pendants for the daughters
two 14k white gold crosses - reused diamonds
full cut diamonds reused from heart pendant given long ago
three sparkly diamond pendants for the daughters

there was a boatload of love until there wasn’t. and after he left, she recognized there had been more lovely and loving memories than not. it was fitting that she decided to reuse the full cut diamonds from the heart pendant that he had given her at one point in their marriage. they are well made in proportion and beautiful clear color.

she has a solid relationship with his family and wanted to make something for each person to memorialize the good and loving times.

each daughter received a solitaire diamond pendant from the heart their father gave his wife.  a current trend is a teeny sparkle worn in the hollow of the neck. the stones were a perfect size and perfect quality for this purpose. each solitaire necklace diamond is set in a four prong setting usually reserved for cluster settings and with a simple loop as a bail to keep the focus on the small but mighty diamond.

i have known her for several years. we have common friends and interest in the horse world. she supplied the chains and the diamond; i supplied the rest.

so many diamonds remaining…

then, with so many diamonds remaining, she decided to make a cross pendant for herself to replace one she had lost. the cross is reminiscent of those done by Tiffany, though the setting is a little different. the bail is hidden and very small so once fed onto the chain of choice, no worries about the cross accidentally coming off the chain – yet because it is not attached, there is free movement.

ultimately, she loved the cross so much she decided to gift it to her mother, the woman who taught her what it is to love. and then she had me make another one for herself!

  • three 14k white gold solitaire full cut diamond pendants have small hidden bail
  • two cross pendants in 14k white gold and full cut diamonds
  • location: Bethany, CT

out of one heart, five pendants with memories of the loving times

more reuse and redesign jewelry
stunning ring has large center diamond, medium side diamonds, several french-set diamonds

one stunning ring from several rings of a past marriage

rose gold wedding band with 17 full cut diamonds

wedding band for a rosy future

kiss of yellow diamond engagement ring

‘kiss of yellow’ engagement ring

earrings from dad converted to diamond chevron necklace
redesigned carnelian bead bracelet