redesigned carnelian bead bracelet

finished redesigned carnelian bead bracelet atop design notes
bayonet-style closure, (tongue feeds into the clasp from the top)
sterling silver bracelet holds heavy beads without breakage
fabricated ginkgo bracelet clasp with bayonet-style closure
finished redesigned carnelian bead bracelet atop design notes

even designers need a re-do sometimes! what was frustrating was that the bracelets his wife wore every day kept breaking. they came to me to re-use the three bracelets in a new way so that they can be readily worn without the worry of breakage. the David Yurman-designed bracelets were sterling silver with carnelian beads from the spiritual beads collection.

the bracelets are indeed beautiful and worth the effort. carnelian is a crystal belonging to the silica mineral chalcedony family that has been used for beads since the neolithic period. the red to brown color is a result of its iron-oxide impurities. it is naturally found in Brazil, India and Germany.

i must admit, i agonized over finding a design that is “just right.”

the primary challenge for this project was to create a clasp that would display a sense of design and still accommodate the width and weight of three strings of beads without being uncomfortably heavy on the wrist. it took me a really long time to figure out the “simple solution” – the first two designs just would not work as i envisioned. it helped very much that he was a patient client and gave me free reign with the design. he is a kitchen and bath designer/contractor and has a fabulous sense of style; she is an executive. both are really down-to-earth folks, and they are a delight to work with.

the ginkgo logo offered the solution

i am a fan of the ginkgo and consider the leaf one of my signature design elements. i turned to it once again. a cutout ginkgo would eliminate the weight in a large clasp design, but then what would work as a proper closure? eventually i found the answer: a simple bayonet-style where the tongue feeds into the clasp from the top.

putting it all together…

the bayonet-style clasp was fabricated from the ginkgo cutouts and an existing clasp, both in sterling silver. it is safe without bulk, but admittedly it can be a bit tricky to maneuver by oneself. the carnelian beads have a range of red color that varies from strand to strand. i set the darkest as the middle strand.

i wore the bracelet to make sure everything worked.  while i was aware of having it on, i was delighted that the balance was just as envisioned – the design of the clasp stayed on the top of my wrist.

  • sterling silver bracelet with 3 strands of 8 mm carnelian beads has fabricated ginkgo clasp with bayonet-style closure.
  • location: Bloomfield, CT

it often takes quite a long time to figure out the best “simple” design solutions

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