large ring converted to a pendant

large ring top made into a pendant
top of large ring top plus separated ring
bottom of large ring top plus separated ring
marquise pendant was formerly a ring and necklace chain
large ring top made into a pendant

she is very attached to the jewels from her mom and grandmother, but not quite her style, they tend to sit in the bank vault or in her jewelry box.

she has gotten some beautiful pieces but does not want to take them apart due to the sentimental value. this is a quandary to any jewelry redesign.

in the end she agreed to let us take apart this circa 1960 or so marquise-shaped diamond ring and make it into a pendant. by carefully removing the shank only, it could indeed be returned to its original form if she wished. she does love necklaces and as a very petite person, she can wear several stacked from choker to opera length. so here we supplied a very long but adjustable chain.

the new design

circa 1960 marquise-shaped diamond ring converted to a pendant.

the result is we also made the piece really contemporary by using different metals and different color metals.

  • necklace with adjustable long sterling silver chain has a pendant of 14k yellow gold with diamonds set in white gold.
  • location: Avon, CT

we blended her concerns for sentimentality with wear-ability

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