promise rings turned into a pendant

promise rings pendant, two meaningful rings to wear close to the heart
two gold rings and solid s-link chain ready for jewelry fabrication
the design layout - two gold rings and s-link chain
promise rings pendant, two meaningful rings to wear close to the heart

she and her husband exchanged rings before they were married, a little-known European custom to symbolize “I am taken.” because of the sentiment, she wanted to continue to wear the rings in some way.

i met her at a charity event. we began to chat and exchanged business cards. when she went on line to have a look at my jewelry portfolio, she saw the necklaces i made from wedding bands. she fell in love with the idea for the pair of promise rings she had in her jewelry box.

in addition to the his-and-hers 18k gold bands, she provided a chain as well. it is a lovely Italian 18k yellow gold solid S-link chain. with this long chain, no clasp was needed; it slips right over her head. i removed the chain clasp, then added a simple jump link through  which the ring gets fed.  the rings are able to move independently.

a necklace to evoke a connection, begin a conversation

when converting rings to a pendant, i think it is important not to solder anything directly to the ring. the rings retain their integrity to be used in the future if desired.

this fabrication so very much symbolizes what jewelry is all about – memories, emotions and a touchstone to those who we love and who love us.  it is something tangible to evoke a connection, begin a conversation.

  • 18k gold rings and 18k yellow gold solid S-link chain converted into a pendant necklace that she can wear close to her heart.
  • Location: Canton, CT

i love using jewelry one already has, looking at it, and combining to create something different yet familiar.

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