ring from pendant redesign

mothers ring made from ruby and diamond pendant
ruby and diamond mothers ring. redesign ring from old pendant which is in the background. all on top of design sketch
mothers ring made from ruby and diamond pendant

she does not wear a lot of jewelry but appreciates it and has some beautiful pieces, including a beautiful ruby and diamond pendant her husband had made to commemorate their two daughters. she wanted a piece to wear daily, not too frilly and nothing to catch. as a member of the “manure and mascara set,” she is around horses regularly so barn-wear is important!

but what to do when you cannot stand to have anything around your neck? when sometimes even your hair is too much to feel on your neck?

the new design

we decided to repurpose the pendant into a simple band design ring. the stones kiss each other set in bezels.

  • 14k yellow gold mothers ring with one brilliant cut diamond and one genuine ruby.
  • location: Canton, CT
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