Finished: Necklace repair was tricky
Bench photo of bead reapir
Broken beaded necklace from auntie
Finished: Necklace repair was tricky

repair lapis bead necklace – concentration required

Many times we get gifts from our elders that need some care for us to wear. Such was this gift.

Her elderly aunt, no longer alive, had gifted this piece to her, a favorite niece. Auntie was a world traveler and collected many baubles as remembrances from her travels. My guess is this piece may have come from the Middle East.

Interestingly the lapis blue beads are actually ceramic and amazingly done to simulate lapis. The stations and clasp are sterling silver.

The beauty of this piece is that the decorative clasp is meant to be worn in the front. This piece fits like a bib and drapes around the neck.

This required some concentration to repair. Counting counting counting to maintain the pattern made me a little crazy but the finished result was great!

Location: Simsbury, ct.

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