old mine diamond ring in new bezel (finished!)
prongs changed to bezel (ring back view)
before redesign: ring with prongs, old mine diamond
old mine diamond ring in new bezel (finished!)

goodbye prongs, hello bezel

They had purchased a diamond ring at an antique shop. She loves the simplicity and clean lines of the band. She wanted to not worry about the wear of prongs and to update the look without detracting from the stone.

She found me on line, relatively local as we are at least in the same state of Connecticut. Through email correspondence she described what she wanted to do, and we made a date to meet. So she and her husband took a slow but pretty drive up from down state to meet with me one Saturday morning.

old mine cut diamond
The stone is an old mine cut, a diamond that is not necessarily round, does not have the number of facets as a modern brilliant cut stone, and got the moniker because sometimes the crystals were indeed faceted right at the diamond mine. They are beautiful nonetheless, more interesting because each is different.

goodbye prongs, hello bezel
By using the existing crown as a base, the prongs were removed. The bezel setting in which the metal goes all around the stone was trimmed slightly so the belly of the stone is more exposed, allowing more light to dance throughout the diamond. The bezel creates an illusion that the diamond is perfectly round; and because one should always under-polish before setting, some brightness is reflected back into the diamond.

She was a delight to work with, and he had a very dry sense of humor – I love that! And so they came up to pick up the ring, and I suggested several stops on the back road home – at which they ran into some friends to make it all the more memorable.

  • 14k white gold ring with 0.75 carat diamond
  • Location: Fairfield, CT

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