recreated crest ring with bloodstone
original and newly recreated crest ring with bloodstone
mold, original and newly recreated crest ring with bloodstone
side view of old and new recreated bloodstone slater crest rings
recreated crest ring with bloodstone

crest ring replicated, original in museum

he decided to donate his historic family crest ring to a museum to accompany a portrait of his ancestor. the museum director requested that the 200+ year old ring be replicated for the donor/descendant.

not only is the ring a family crest, it is also a wax seal. the antique ring will be permanently displayed in the Slater Museum (Norwich, CT) open to the public. the original is now reunited with the original owner, granted the original owner’s likeness!

the descendant is thrilled with the new duplicated ring, almost indistinguishable from the original historic ring.

  • 18k gold with a bloodstone crest / seal

location of client: Norwich, CT

how exciting to be part of history!


It is beautiful. The jeweler did a great job.

Bill S.
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