final view of diamond cluster pendant necklace made from a ring
gold ring with diamond cluster
decsontructed diamond cluster ring ready for repurposing
inside view of diamond cluster ring - shank construction visible
full view of necklace with diamond cluster pendant
final view of diamond cluster pendant necklace made from a ring

cluster ring to shiny pendant

her daughter does not wear rings as she is entering the healthcare field, but she was thinking a necklace would be perfect for adornment. we adventured thru her jewelry box and found a lovely cluster-top ring that she no longer wears.

this is fortuitous because it seems as if necklaces are all the rage. actually, according to the fashion industry, they are AND we should be layering. what the shop has been doing is converting ring tops into pendants with chains.

we removed the shank (ring) section and created a slide using the under-gallery wire. in the end we have a cluster top of sparkly diamonds on a simple chain, easily worn and perfect for layering and impressing the fashion mavens.

Location: Avon, CT

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