a mighty St Michael necklace with heart locket and pearls

Roman numeral X applied to bail - ten year celebration
we appliquéd the St Michael medallion to gold heart locket
Byzantine chainmail necklace paired with pearls has matching bracelet
Roman numeral X applied to bail - ten year celebration

We began this project in February 2020 prior to the novel coronavirus quarantine and finished it in late May, a week before her 2020 “pandemic birthday” in early June. Her jewelry continues to tell her story, and she holds the reasons and meanings of each piece close to her heart.

This is truly a mixed medium piece. All together there is a locket, a medallion, a string of pearls, sterling silver chain and a silver Roman numeral “X”.

The heart-shaped locket once belonged to her mother. It was given to mom by dad during happier times. She chose the “Saint Michael pray for us” medallion because the Archangel Michael is the patron saint of warriors and offers protection from lethal enemies. Outside, the Saint Michael medallion in sterling silver was appliquéd to the heart of gold locket. Inside, in a place close to her heart, are photographs of her two children.

I happened to have a sterling silver heavy byzantine link necklace in stock, a vintage piece that she fell in love with immediately. The chain mail pattern is very flexible and easy to wear. This kind of classic chain is also known as a “fool’s knot,” symbolizing one’s foolish decisions. It is known by other names as well.

celebrating sobriety with sterling

I added an special symbol to the pendant bail. An ‘X’ in sterling silver indicates ten years of sobriety. It is appliquéd to the gold bail attached to the heart locket.

And to top it off is a strand of pearls, said to be tears of the gods, cleansing and uplifting. These vintage pearls were from an estate out of Back Bay Boston. If you look closely notice that each pearl is attached by a curly wire, a construction known as pig tailing.

Sometimes the gods really do smile down upon us – the chain was so long that we had enough to make her a matching bracelet as well!

She is a repeat customer. The first piece I did for her was a redesign of her wedding set “The Healing Ring,” celebrating the strength of her marriage and her return to good health after a long illness. I have the privilege to interpret her vision again. She has not had an easy path in life, and this necklace tells some of that story.

  • Saint Michael medallion on a 1960’s gold heart locket attached to a 14k yellow gold bail with a silver Roman numeral X, hung on a Byzantine chain, paired with a strand of 1990’s pearls.
  • Matching sterling silver Byzantine chain bracelet.
  • Location: Avon, CT

She believes this will ward off harm and keep her strong. So do I.

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