fabulous pear-shaped loop diamond earrings

Pear-shaped loop diamond dangle earrings
Back of dangle earrings lets in light to engage diamond sparkle
Initial design sketches a bit different from final earrings
Final design sketch under finished custom earring with 28 diamonds each
2 size round diamonds from rings - final layout experiment
Pear-shaped loop diamond dangle earrings

She is a self-proclaimed “not-a-diamond” girl – her preference is for colored gems (pearl ruby emerald earrings). This made for an intriguing project!

This wonderful repeat customer (pearl ruby emerald earrings) is almost like a patron of the arts to me. She is a very young octogenarian – opinionated, compassionate and passionate. She is interested in the world around her, and I have very much benefited from her friendship.

She loves dangles and statement pieces of jewelry usually in yellow gold. Then this not-a-diamond girl happened to see a pair of diamond dangles she thought interesting, which brought to mind several old rings belonging to both sides of the family. What better way to give new life to these no-longer-wearable diamond rings than take them apart and create something fabulous she can pass along to her granddaughter?

Amazingly enough, the diamond count was evenly split, 28 count 3 mm round diamonds and 28 count 2 mm round diamonds.

She originally thought she wanted something straight, but her style is much more organic and flowing – “straight” to me can sometimes feel stagnant. And so after several sketches and laying out the diamonds, we both loved the free-form pear-shaped drop.

I needed to design something larger than life.

Since what I envisioned was not something one can find ready-made, I instructed my CAD (computer aided design) guy to duplicate the feeling of the sketch. I did not want a geometric sharp shape, and I wanted the diamonds to sparkle front and center!

We decided upon white gold in 14k and with a wire rather than a post to offer more movement. The more a diamond moves, the more it catches the light and the more it will twinkle and sparkle… and that is a diamond’s primary job, to sparkle!

Once finished, I wore them as a bit of a quality assurance test to make sure that the comfort level was perfect – it is! They felt great.

  • 14k white gold diamond earrings, each with 28 full cut 3 mm and 2 mm round diamonds set with 4 teeny prongs on each stone.
  • Location: Avon, CT

Stunning loop diamond earrings for the non-diamond wearer!

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