vintage engagement ring modified for her hand

final engagement ring - diamond cluster customized smaller
before: vintage ring too many diamonds for her small hand
design drawing, ring parts
modified engagement ring - profile vie
final engagement ring - diamond cluster customized smaller

the ring was purchased from an estate – a good purchase as it had very little wear or evidence of repair. it is a traditional, classic bypass engagement ring design with especially nice quality diamonds

the only problem was she is as “big as a minute,” and the ring was way too much for her finger.

they came into the shop to discuss options. they had gone to a different shop prior to being referred to me and were being urged into resetting. but she did not want to change or reset the diamonds because this is the ring he chose.

the ring is a one-piece casting with the center crown added as part of the construction. it occurred to me there was an obvious way to customize the ring to meet both sets of criteria:

his: to keep her happy
hers: to retain as much of the original as possible

he just wanted to make her happy

the solution was to remove a total of four diamonds plus the shank (the “ring”), creating a cathedral-style band which allows a slight lowering of the center cluster to making it very wearable on her delicate bone structure. we ended up with a lovely petite cluster that fits her beautifully.

they left the ring with me as they were leaving for a vacation in Greece. upon their return, the ring was ready in time for a guest appearance at a friend’s wedding!

  • 14k yellow gold with one brilliant cut diamond center and surrounded by matched full cut diamonds.
  • the four leftover diamonds can be used to make or add to a wedding band next year
  • Location: Winsted, CT

this project was a referral from a referral. i love when that happens

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engagement ring redesigned from Nana Rose’s wedding set

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