Family Jewels to Enhance Her Engagement Ring

This special client is a repeat customer who has visited me in the past for gifts for her girls as well as repairs. Shortly after I hosted my latest estate buying event, we ended up chatting and she described multiple family heirlooms that she wanted me to look at. We set a date and in she came with several lovely pieces. The only items that I felt could and should be combined were a pair of non-pierced leaf earrings and her engagement ring. My reasoning behind this guidance was this: all of the diamonds had come for her husband’s family. He had designed the engagement ring – the center diamond had come from his mother. It had been damaged as some point, repairable but not crucial to this project. Yes, repairing the stone would increase the value of the stone. But that was not as important to her as keeping the stone as is. The leaf earrings were from his mother as well and all three diamonds are Old European-cut dating back to at least the 19th century. Although she didn’t want a total reimagining of her ring, she did want it updated a little bit. So I suggested that we reset the earring stones into similar settings as the largest diamond and reassemble the ring into a classic three-diamond ring, with channel style cathedral shoulders set with full-cut diamonds. The end goal is stunning. The engagement ring has been modified yet we were able to preserve her husband’s original vision. And now it includes two more family stones, that both enhance the classic design and make this engagement ring all the more special.

  • Materials: Platinum, Old European-cut Diamonds, Full-Cut Diamonds
  • Client location: Avon, CT

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