A Proposal Story From One Very Romantic Engineer

This client phoned in to the studio to make an appointment to look at my selection of engagement rings. He lives out of state but works locally, so he was able to come in during his lunch hour. It was a lovely meet and greet. As is my normal process, I asked about his intended to hear how he sees her. He began by telling me about himself. He’s an engineer, who understands and appreciates measurements and precision. But she is a bit softer, not so hard-edged. We began with the diamond, the center stone and highlight of the ring. I brought in three different diamonds, working within the established parameters for color and clarity. All of the diamonds had independent laboratory certification. This is a great way to verify carat weight, color and clarity. His eye went straight to one particular diamond, that was the stone that spoke to him. Once that was finalized, next it was on to the design of the ring itself. He sent along some images for us to use as inspiration. With a tweak here and a tweak there we were able to customize a final look just for him and his fiancé-to-be. Part of the design process included sending renderings and measurements, which, as an engineer he thoroughly enjoyed. Once the ring was complete he planned a romantic getaway to propose: a walk on the beach with a drop to one knee and… hooray, it was a resounding, “Yes!” I was thrilled to hear afterwards that she absolutely adored her new engagement ring!!!

  • Materials: Platinum and Brilliant cut diamonds
  • Client location: Chesterfield, MA

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Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond

Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

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teal sapphire engagement ring

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