teal sapphire engagement ring

She's wearing her teal sapphire engagement ring
Computer design sketches including original before modifications
When they send you pictures, you know they are happy with the ring!
She's wearing her teal sapphire engagement ring

This was a lengthy project as he was very deliberate in his selection of stone and took time to consider and approve the design drawings (CAD). Her style is not necessarily traditional, and this is not a traditional engagement ring.

It was great fun to put this ring together.

We began by looking at styles on Pinterest where there were several examples of rings that she loved for the stone color and shape. I was tasked to find a teal colored sapphire. Yes, sapphires come in various shades of blues, greens, pinks, oranges as well as white. I have a stone dealer from Georgia who has the most joyous, vibrant, and colorful selection of stones; and he found me a Montana teal sapphire in a modified kite shape! It was a good size to fit her finger and to fit their budget.

He also wanted enough diamonds to accent the center stone without drawing the eye away from it. I had a parcel of brownish-pink melee (small) diamonds that added a touch of sparkle. I created a photo sketch of the stone layout – he loved it.

Next step was to find a mounting to customize. The design envisioned was straightforward; we did not need to reinvent it, just modify one that was close to what they wanted. To make the piece special and have a one-of-a-kind feeling, I added something “secret”- a small design element just for them. I found a mounting that he loved from one of my casting houses. Using CAD (computer drawings which allow us to specify jewelry customizations), we changed the ring to accommodate the shape of the sapphire and the larger diamonds, which were also fewer in number, and to better incorporate my stone layout into the shoulders. And finally I wanted them to pierce the profile faces of the ring so light can dance around the shoulder diamonds as well as the center sapphire.

The final touch – a lovely personal engraving, done by hand.

This couple found me via a referral. I could see right away that they are so very well matched and suited for each other.

  • 14k white gold teal sapphire engagement ring, brownish-pink melee diamonds and lots of sparkle
  • Location: Hartford, CT

Yes, sapphires come in various shades of blues, greens, pinks, oranges as well as white.

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