A Tale of Two Golden Gems


This gregarious, loving gentleman emailed me his request after finding me online. He and his sweetie purchased this particular ring a short while back. As a temporary placeholder they had a step-cut citrine quartz set in the middle until he found the perfect yellow diamond for the ring. He got in touch with me once he’d found a worthy stone. The stunning marquise shape was the surprise. He had a very clear vision for this redesign. He wanted the diamond to float in the center of the mounting. The challenge was to find a setting that would fit the diamond but also to protect it. Marquise cut stones are pointed at both ends, making the points the most vulnerable when setting. There were also a multitude of small white diamonds that were already set into the areas being worked on, limiting how much manipulation we should consider. So we combined a 14k white gold mounting set with white diamonds, added an 18k yellow gold 6-prong basket and set a 1-carat marquise cut diamond that was irradiated to a gorgeous, canary yellow. Plus, to top it off, we set the original step-cut citrine stone back into the original basket setting that had been removed from the mounting and added a bail so it could be worn as a pendant on a chain. Oh, was he thrilled! Who would’ve suspected that one single visit would end with two dazzling pieces for his someone special?

  • Materials: 14k white gold, 18k yellow gold, natural white full cut diamonds and one marquise cut natural diamond irradiated to canary yellow
  • Client location: New Britain, CT
  • Words from my client: Just giving 5 stars is almost an insult, can I give 10? Picked up my ring today and stunningly beautiful. She truly created it better than my vision. Her work is superb and she is even more beautiful a person. THANKS Raimie! I found more than a jeweler, I found a friend.

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