Transforming an Old Gift into Hammered His and Hers Bands

This client was referred by one of her colleagues. She has a local business where she offers moving consulting to clients in all phases of the home sale process. Like many of us, she is downsizing and consolidating. During the process she came across a 14k bangle bracelet, a gift from her mother, that she knew she’d never end up wearing since it was a bit too outdated for her taste. It just so happened that she was going to be getting married very soon. After our initial introduction, she perused my website and fell in love with a wedding band that I had created for another customer. Both she and her intended loved the hammered texture. I did a few sketches for them to establish the width and thickness for each of their rings. I then did CAD renderings for an even better visual. Luckily, the original bangle bracelet was a one piece casting so most of the metal was plumb or 14k and able to be recast with little concern about pitting due to contamination. This is a particular concern to the casting process as most customers do not want the additional expense or have sufficient amount of metal to refine. It was a breeze having her finger sized since she’s local. But her husband-to-be was all the way down in Florida, so that posed a bit more difficulty. We had to have faith that he’d have his finger properly sized down there. Fortunately, when the two came into the shop side-by-side to pick up their bands the fit was perfect for both. The two were ecstatic with the final style of their new wedding bands. The timing was so very serendipitous as it served for a wonderful way to make use of mom’s original gift.

  • Materials: 14k yellow gold
  • Client location: West Hartford, CT and Florida

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