A Stylish, NYC-Worthy Open Space Ring Redesign

This lovely client found me all the way from New York City. She first reached out through email. Her folks had given her a ring several years ago and she wanted to restyle it a bit to make it more in tune with her style today. It was an 18k yellow gold by pass with an oval sapphire, oval ruby and tiny diamonds. We set a date for her to drive up from the city so I could see in-person what she had and we could discuss our possibilities. Plus, in addition to the redesign, she had a few repairs that were needed – replace a clasp, clean a couple of silver bracelets. So we might as well do it all in one sweep. After doing a few of my scribbles while we chatted, we decided upon an open space ring. The original ring had a ruby and a sapphire, both of which were small ovals. So she liked the idea of a stack ring but also really loved the idea of incorporating an open space. To make it just a bit more interesting, one of the stones is set at an angle. I was able to find an available mounting that needed a little customization on my end. Sometimes one does not need to reinvent the wheel to achieve the look wanted. All in all – a simple but lovely redesign. She couldn’t resist sliding it on her finger right away for the drive back to NYC. And who could blame her?

  • 14k yellow gold, genuine ruby, genuine sapphire
  • Client location: NYC

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Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

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